360 Surgical - Perio Masterclass

Starts 17.Iun.2024
09:00 GMT

Ends 17.Oct.2024
16:00 GMT

Romania, Bucharest

Marriott Courtyard



2 modules
8 days

Event Details

The 360* Surgical Perio Masterclass represents the most important step in the surgical periodontology approach available in this part of the world.

This is by far the best-selling and most appreciated course by the seventh generation of graduates, introducing new surgical techniques and solutions to complex clinical situations into the professional life of the participants.

This 8-day course targets implantologists, surgeons, periodontology residents, general dentists who want to evolve towards a new clinical competence.

There is no complete oral rehabilitation today without the impact of soft tissue management in obtaining aesthetics, functionality and oral health in general.



2 day course - Flaps & Resective Surgery

- Gingival surgery: curettage / gengivectomy.

- Osseous resective surgery: up-dated clinical applications.

- Flap surgery.

- Osseous resective surgery in anterior maxillary sextant.

- Osseous resective surgery on the posterior maxillary sextant.

- Periodontal tissue response to orthodontic displacement of teethn.

- Osseous resective surgery on mandibular arch.

- Pestorative surgery - crown lengthening.

2 day course - Mucogingival Surgery

- The modern technique of the gingival graft.

- Muco-gingival surgery to augment the keratinized tissue in perio & implant.

- The modified envelope technique by epitelial-connective graft.

- Muco-gingival surgery for root & implant exposed thread coverage.

- The treatment of the not carious lesions of the root with gingival tissue recession.

- Muco-gingival surgery for edentulous ridge augmentation.

- Soft tissue palatal harvesting techniques.



2 day course - Regenerative Techniques

- Classification of the bone defects.

- G.T.R. - basic concepts, rationale, and its evolution over the years/ materials & surgical procedure step by step.

- Periodontal gore-tex material for GBR.

- E.M.D. .

- Papilla preservation techniques & gtr in the anterior maxillary sextant.

- Novel regenerative approaches.

- To save or to extract from my 35+ years of clinical experience.

2 day course - Peri-Implantitis

- Diagnose the clinical conditions that lead to unfavorable remodeling of peri-implant soft and hard tissues.

- Get access to the exposed implant surface to optimize step by step decontamination or conditioning.

- Identify the clinical situations in which to use the new heterologous matrices for peri-implant soft tissue augmentation.

- Describe indications and select perio-implant-prosthetic operative protocols in peri-implant bone reconstruction.

Key Facts

> Most of the participants fully recover the investment in this course, before its end.
> It is a program that covers all the topics of periodontal surgery with theoretical notions, images, graphic explanations, video explained techniques, live surgery and a lot of hands on.
> It is intended to improve your soft tissue augmentation techniques, simultaneously with implant insertion. Increasing the value and comfort of the patient and simplifying and reducing therapeutic times.
> Dr. Stefano Parma Benfenati is one of the best-known clinicians worldwide, professor and author, member of numerous societies and scientific boards. He is a lecturer, among others, in the continuing medical education program at Harvard Dental School.
> Bonus, you ...

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