Avaiblable Seats: 14

Starts 6.Mar.2023
09:00 GMT-4:00

Ends 10.Mar.2023
16:00 GMT-4:00

United States, New York City

NYU-College of Dentistry



6 modules
24 days

Event Details

Think for a moment... What is your professional lifestyle? 

This is the time to be part of one of these classes and enjoy a memorable learning experience in an elitist environment designed to change your professional mindset forever.

Dentists from 31 countries graduate "Current Concepts in American Dentistry" program in order to learn new techniques, validate their skills and gain the courage to implement them in everyday practice.
Being validated by a such prestigious American University and by the elite professors who lecture in the program, will definitely help you in promoting your personal brand, both in the medical community and in the patient community

Take the course in the State-of-the-Art Facilities at New York University Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry,
and Dental Leaders Summit Venue in Dubai and Bucharest 

Key Facts

1. Before the end of the program you will fully cover your investment through the exponential increase of your professional prestige. All those who have graduated so far have done it.

2. Once you finish this program, you enter directly into the Dental Leaders Scientific Board as an active member.

3. Support for USA VISA applicants can be provided on request.

4. Recommended hotels near NYU College of Dentistry will be provided.



📌 Over 35 Educators from the international community who are the among the most distinguished names in Implantology & Aesthetic

📌 31 participating countries

📌 18 days @NYU in 4 modules

📌 4 days Online Dental Leaders Summit

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