Advanced Implantology Masterclass

3 100 EUR

Starts 4.Oct.2022
09:00 GMT

Ends 8.Oct.2022
18:00 GMT

Italy, Lido di Camaiore (Tuscany)

Istituto Stomatologico Toscano ( Ospedale di Versiglia )



1 module
4 days



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Event Details

How do you want to continue your professional growth in implantology, after this global lockdown? Dental Leaders invite you in Tuscany!

Come with the Dental Leaders Class at one of the most interesting implantology courses this year! Advanced Implantology Masterclass 2021 (Hybrid) is a complete program of surgical techniques that will open up new treatment opportunities for your patients and provide you the skills to an extensive approach to complex treatment plans, which you did not explore until today.

Studying advanced implantology in a prestigious institute in Italy, mentored by renowned professors, guarantees you the increase of professional prestige in your community.

Tuscany has been and remains an exceptional tourist destination, and learning in such an environment offers you a unique cultural experience.

- Diploma Ceremony - A certificate of attendance will be issued by the Tuscan Dental Institute (Foundation for Clinic, Research and Higher Education in Dentistry)

This course is part of the University Master Degree in Implantology (UMOI) of the Tuscany Dental Institute and UniCamillus, International Medical University in Rome, program.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the participant should be able to extend their professional practice by facing more complex procedures in full autonomy and safety.


4 full days @ Istituto Stomatologico Toscano 

3200 Dental Leaders Credits brings you closer to the Dental Leaders Scientific Board and to the first milestone of your educational journey: National Leader


The practice of implantology is nowadays extended to cases with reduced bone availability and the daily clinic requires an in-depth study of bone reconstruction techniques in general and more particularly of bone reconstruction within the maxillary sinus.

There are several techniques proposed and the course will deal with the principles of bone reconstruction and the various step-by-step techniques. Another evolution of implantology practice concerns the shortening of treatment times with particular regard to the positioning of the implants immediately after extraction and its immediate loading. 

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