Digital Workflow For High End Aesthetic On Implants

1 500 EUR

Starts 27.Sep.2021
09:00 GMT

Ends 28.Sep.2021
17:30 GMT

Germany, Baden Baden

HL Academy



1 module
2 days



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Event Details

If you have already intuited the digital revolution in dentistry, you know that you must prepare to move to the next level. Dental Leaders proposes you to do it together with Dr. Henriette Lerner, a personality full of energy, fresh and with an extraordinary vision anchored in the future.

Digital Technologies are changing the face of Dentistry. Surgical and prosthetical Treatments gain through the new technologies on: reproducibility, predictability, minimally invasive treatments, secureness, aesthetics, comfort, stability, function.

Conditions for a successful treatment are the validation of the technologies and parameters of trueness, precision, and accuracy.

Well defined esthetic parameters, rules and design features of the   prosthetic parts are to be defined, applied in the planning software and implemented in the digital workflows, to lead to ahigh level esthetic result. Nevertheless, whereas technologies must be reliable tools, the surgical, prosthetic  skills and knowledge are still  the main conditions to an esthetic success.

Learning Objectives

        1. Learn simple principles of digital photography

        2. Construct a smile design based on esthetic parameters.

  1.  Learn to plan the implants, surgical guide and design provisional restorations by validated parameters and criterias.
  2.  Learn minimally invasive surgical procedures of bone and soft tissue grafting implementable in digital workflow.
  3.  See all procedures on a live surgery.
  4.  Plan and design the provisional and final restoration.
  5.  Material science.

Key Facts

Digital data aquiring  & Planning of a complex case , Esthetic principles

Digital Planning of a complex case

Live Surgery

Guided surgery workflow

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