Avaiblable Seats: 15

Starts 2.Noi.2022
09:00 GMT+2:00

Ends 4.Noi.2022
18:00 GMT+2:00

Romania, Bucharest

Marriot Courtyard



1 module
3 days

Event Details


This 3 day course is meant for dentist who manage with comfort partial edentulism on implants and are willing to solve advanced cases.

After reviewing some basic principles, the course will focus on the clinical approach to treat full-arch and/or full-mouth rehabilitation on implants. A predicatble protocol will be presented in order to prevent complications, during and after the treatment. Indeed the second part of the course will then deals with the management of clinical complications on implant-supported restorations. Hands-on practice will make this course modulus really clinically oriented.

Learning Objectives


- understanding the basic principle to predictably treat complete rehabilitations on implants

- learning a clear clinical protocol for complete rehabilitation selection better materials, impression solutions and restorative solution

- learn how to prevent and manage clinical complication on full-arch implant-supported restorations

- learn how to prevent and manage clinical complication on malpositioned implants

- learn how to treatment plan a complex rehabilitation on implants


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