IMPLANTS: Complications & Failures

Avaiblable Seats: 25

Starts 6.Mar.2023
09:00 GMT

Ends 9.Mar.2023
18:00 GMT

United States, New York City

NYU-College of Dentistry



1 module
5 days

Event Details

Implant Complications had become a major subject with growing of Implantology. In this presentation factors affecting implant failures and complications which are patient,operator and manufacturer related will be described. Perimplantitis- the disease of the present and future will be addressed with ways how to avoid and treat . Part of the presentation will be dedicated to problem solving and how to learn from your own mistakes.

Learning Objectives

“Esthetic Management of Restorations with Compromised Anterior Tooth & Implant in Private Practice” - Dr. Yoshihiro Goto  | 6 hours

“Periodontal and Surgical Management of Immediate Single Tooth Replacement Therapy in the Esthetic Zone” - Prof. Stephen Chu | 3 hours

“How to Seek Luck, Avoid Calamity and Trouble Shooting in Implant Treatment” - Dr. Sebastian Tseng | 3 hours

“Making Complex Implantology Easier to Perform Using 3D Digital Dentistry in the Treatment Planning and Surgical Phases” - Dr. Ziv Mazor | 6 hours

“Implant Complications and Failures – Ways to Avoid and How to Treat” - Dr. Ziv Mazor | 3 hours

“Treatment Plan Concepts Utilizing ‘Outside the Box’ Thinking in Modern Implantology” - Dr. Ziv Mazor | 3 hours


This international dental education program is specifically designed to meet the educational needs of dental groups to “learn from the experts”. Faculty is carefully selected from throughout the world for their teaching and communication skills, clinical and/or research expertise and experience. Trough informative and stimulating lectures, interactive group discussions, treatment planning sessions, “live” patient demonstrations, this practical and innovative learning approach will expand your horizons and increase your confidence in pursuing clinical excellence.

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