Laser Surgery, Periodontal Regeneration, Tunneling Techniques

Avaiblable Seats: 6

Starts 22.Mai.2023
09:00 GMT+1:00

Ends 25.Mai.2023
18:05 GMT+1:00

Spain, Barcelona




1 module
4 days

Event Details

This 4-day course in Barcelona was created exclusively for the Dental Leaders Community with the aim of having in the periodontology education programs, an important step appreciated by both doctors and patients.
The course has an intense practical character, a total of 4 days of which 3 workshop sessions.
A new and highly appreciated educational program combines perfectly with a few days of learning, sun and fine lifestyle.

Key Facts

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#DiodeLaser #ErbiumLaser #TunnelTechnique #CollagenicSubstitutes #ComputedGuidedImplants


Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has become a popular approach in periodontal treatment due to its numerous advantages.

Compared to traditional open flap surgery, MIS techniques cause less tissue trauma, result in faster healing, have less postoperative discomfort, and provide improved esthetics. Additionally, MIS techniques often preserve more healthy tissue, require fewer sutures, and lead to less scarring.

With the advancements in technology, MIS procedures are also becoming increasingly effective in treating complex periodontal cases. Overall, the adoption of MIS techniques in periodontal treatment is beneficial for both patients and practitioners, leading to better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.


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