Starts 22.Iun.2023
09:00 GMT+1:00

Ends 3.Sep.2023
18:00 GMT+1:00

Italy, Pesaro


3 modules
12 days

Event Details

Dental Leaders is an exclusive partner of Fradeani Education Platform and ACE Institute, for several countries in Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries.
Together with the legendary professor Dr. Mauro Fradeani we created a distinct class for the Dental Leaders community with the purpose to increase the interaction betwin it’s members.

The aim of the 3-Series Master Program in Fixed Prosthodontics is to outline a systematic approach to the prosthetic rehabilitation and help the clinician to confidently address comprehensive treatments involving bridges, crowns, veneers and onlays on natural dentition and on implants, from a single restoration to full-mouth rehabilitation. 


The application of a tried and tested system, experimented and improoved for many years, represents, especially for complex rehabilitations, an indispensable means of achieving optimal final results, from the esthetic as well as biological and functional viewpoints. The prosthetic treatment plan must allow an ideal integration of esthetics, biological and functional requirements on natural teeth and on implants. 

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