Non Surgical Masterclass in Periodontal Treatment

Starts 2.Noi.2023
09:00 GMT

Ends 4.Noi.2023
18:00 GMT

Romania, Bucharest

Dental Leaders



1 module
3 days

Event Details

We understand the importance of staying current in the field of dentistry, and we believe that our community of leadership can provide you with the resources and support you need to continue your professional development.

Doctor Roncati's 3-day course alternates theoretical concepts with hands-on sessions, to achieve clinical excellence right from the moment of graduation.The course consists of::

  • Non surgical periodontal instrumentation: Full mouth manual and meccanical debridment vs quadrant scaling.
  • Calculus detection, use of periodontal probe, for “Site Specific Instrumentation.”
  • Manual non surgical periodontal instrumentation. To avoid burnishing the calculus and to remove the calcified deposits effectively, clinicians will practice either vertical strokes, keeping any instrument strictly tip foremost (according to a technique modified by the author) and horizontal instrumentation movements.
  • Universal Curets and Scalers for deep scaling as well as superficial instrumentation
  • Periodontal files - clinical indications
  • Ultrasonic debridement with extra fine inserts and modified technique
  • Non surgical periodontal instrumentation, with the adjunctive use of a diode LASER. The diode laser as an aid to non-surgical periodontal instrumentation: indications, limits and clinical protocol

Key Facts

  • Improving your skills and knowledge, which can lead to better patient care and increased patient satisfaction
  • Building your reputation as an expert in your field, which can attract new patients and help you retain existing ones
  • Providing you with access to a network of other dental professionals who can provide support and guidance as you grow your practice


The course aims to be mainly concrete, during hands-on workshop participants will practice all non-surgical periodontal and peri-implant instrumentation techniques, including also the use of diode or erbium laser, to improve treatment of periodontal and peri-implant diseases, using educational study models and animal models.

We will start with manual instrumentation, because Roncati’s VERTICAL STROKE is completely different and it needs a lot of practical exercise.

Ultrasonic and laser devices will be also widely used. Furthermore, the advanced laser course will be focusing on Periodontal and Soft Tissue treatment.

All the topics of the following program will be largely covered hands-on. However, the exact sequence of the practical parts may vary according to expressed needs from the participants.

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