Non Surgical Masterclass in Periodontal Treatment

Avaiblable Seats: 18

Starts 5.Sep.2022
09:00 GMT

Ends 7.Sep.2022
18:00 GMT

Romania, Bucharest

Marriott Courtyard



1 module
3 days

Event Details

These masterclasses are addressed to many different dental specialists. First, they are addressed to the dentist who believes that periodontology is essential in any dental treatment. They are also addressed to the clinician who knows the nonsurgical approach is always the first therapeutic phase and who acknowledges the advantages—both for the patient and for the dental practice—that these treatment modalities provide in increasing the percentage of clinical success in complex cases. The courses are also directed at the dentist who, while delegating certain aspects of prophylaxis to the dental hygienist, can identify methods and protocols to create profitable synergies.
These masterclasses will provide educational value for dentists, who are experts in many other fields of dentistry, including surgical periodontology, but who want to expand and improve their knowledge regarding a nonsurgical approach so they can offer a less invasive treatment (at least initially).

Learning Objectives

 > Non surgical periodontal instrumentation: Full mouth
manual and meccanical debridment vs quadrant scaling.
 > Calculus detection, use of periodontal probe, for “SiteSpecific Instrumentation.”
 > Manual non surgical periodontal instrumentation. To
avoid burnishing the calculus and to remove the calcified
deposits effectively, clinicians will practice either vertical
strokes, keeping any instrument strictly tip foremost
(according to a technique modified by the author) and
horizontal instrumentation movements.
 > Universal Curets and Scalers for deep scaling as well as
superficial instrumentation
 > Periodontal files - clinical indications
 > Ultrasonic debridement with extra fine inserts and
modified technique
 > Non surgical periodontal instrumentation, with the
adjunctive use of a diode LASER. The diode laser as an aid to
non-surgical periodontal instrumentation: indications, limits
and clinical protocol

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