Peri-implantitis Surgical Approaches to its Management

Starts 21.Noi.2023
09:00 GMT+2:00

Ends 22.Noi.2023
18:55 GMT+2:00

Romania, Bucharest

Marriott Courtyard



1 module

Event Details

Peri-implantitis is a bacterial infection of peri-implant supporting tissues, characterized by loss of supporting bone. Early interception is a crucial factor that can improve treatment prognosis.

The appropiate diagnosis will facilitate pre-operative selection of soft and hard tissue techniques for the corrections of Peri-Implantitis defects.

The primary objective of surgical approach is to get access to the exposed implant surface to optimize decontamination or conditioning, resolving the inflammatory component. Additionally, it is highly recommended to reconstruct the lost soft and hard periodontal tissues.

Several peri-implantitis cases with survival follow up, strategies, clinical protocol, techniques and furthermore clinical outcomes on re-entry will be presented.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn surgical approaches based on peri-implantitis defects.
  2. Discuss combined resective and regenerative therapies.
  3. Describe bone regenerative techniques, especially regarding clinical outcomes on re-entry.

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