Perio Masterclass Surgical | 2022 Fall Edition

Avaiblable Seats: 8

Starts 24.Oct.2022
09:00 GMT

Ends 25.Oct.2022
18:00 GMT

Romania, Bucharest

Marriott Courtyard



3 modules
6 days

Event Details

The masterclass integrates an educational structure never met in this part of the world, before: more than 18 hours of online theory, recap, hours of workshops, live or relive surgeries and debates.

If you are ready to approach surgical periodontics, you can do it in the best possible way, joinning the most succesful perio program available now on the education market. 

You have the unique opportunity to attend two different periodontology concepts, following Boston University and University of Gothenburg medical approaches.

Key Facts

6 Full Days in 3 Modules

More than 18 hours of Online Theory delivered in three parts before the Masterclass starts

Hours of Workshops

Live surgeries or debate on Relive interventions

Certificate issued by The Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Boston (USA)


It is well known that there are many schools of periodontology in the world, with similar principles, but different therapeutic techniques.
How can you choose the most suitable for you?  Simple, by a face-to-face positioning of the two predominant schools


Debate courses are a real success all over the world, mainly because it allows the participants to go on a 360 degree educational route around the current periodontology, and to choose the techniques most suited to their own style.

Dr. Giorgio Carusi, trained at the University of Gothenburg and NYU, and Stefano Parma Benfenati, trained at Boston University, meets again this year, at the Surgical Perio Masterclass , for the third generation of doctors who benefits from this extended educational program.

It’s known that today we cannot talk about dental implants or prosthetic rehabilitation without a periodontal approach to the therapeutic plan. Considering the practical content of this Masterclass, only 24 seats are available for each season.

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