Perio-Prosthetic Approaches for Natural Esthetics in Oral Rehabilitations

Avaiblable Seats: 25

Starts 12.Oct.2022
09:55 GMT

Ends 15.Oct.2022
18:55 GMT

Spain, Barcelona




1 module

Learning Objectives

-       To understand the importance of preserving teeth by periodontal regeneration.

-       To learn how to use platelet derivates during regenerative therapies.

-       To learn how to choose the correct suturing materials and techniques during our surgeries.

-       To learn How to create an ideal emergence profile on natural dentition and dental implants.

-       To learn how to prevent and deal with mucositis and peri-implantitis.


Patients nowadays have very high expectations for aesthetics and we should accomplish their desire in both teeth and implant supported rehabilitations.
On one hand, it is mandatory to know how to reconstruct soft and hard tissues as they are the key to success. This is why we will learn several regenerative approaches and also how to use platelet derivates like L-PRF and tissue substitutes. 
On the other hand, digital workflow permits new opportunities to rehabilitate patient's smiles in a simple and predictable way saving chair time and complications.
Moreover, New tools and materials allow to achieve natural esthetics over teeth and implants such as: Digital photography, intraoral scanning, CBCT, Digital Smile Design and Computer Guided Implants, We will learn how this amazing tools permit to plan in advance the treatment, motivate the patient, communicate in our teams and then perform the treatment in a predictable way. 
Tips and tricks to optimize the use of this technologies will be given.


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