Prosthetic Guided Tissue Healing Protocol

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Starts 27.Mai.2024
09:00 GMT+2:00

Ends 28.Mai.2024
17:00 GMT+2:00

Romania, Bucuresti

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2 days

Event Details

In the realm of dental practice, mastering the art of implant-supported restorations is crucial, where the goal transcends mere osseointegration and functional restoration. Achieving an aesthetic that mirrors natural teeth and healthy soft tissues is pivotal. The gingival cervical contour holds a key role in the aesthetics and health of implant restorations, necessitating a soft tissue profile that emulates a healthy natural tooth's appearance.

Recent clinicians focus on the "pink aesthetic" underscores its complexity, especially in mimicking the natural thickness and height of gingiva around implants compared to natural teeth. After tooth loss, immediate changes in soft and hard tissue can lead to an unsuitable gingival profile and aesthetic compromise. Although various surgical techniques aim to counteract alveolar ridge volume loss, refining the gingival contour is essential to achieve a natural-looking emergence profile in implant-supported restorations.

Given the array of reconstructive surgeries available for improving peri-implant mucosa, the real challenge lies in synergizing surgical and prosthetic interventions to craft an ideal gingival contour that mirrors a healthy natural tooth.

This lecture is designed to provide a comprehensive guide on managing soft tissue around implants through different protocols, aiming to optimize the quality and contour of peri-implant soft tissue. This knowledge is indispensable in daily dental practice, empowering practitioners to deliver not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing implant restorations.

Learning Objectives

- Implant supracrestal complex (Biologic width) and design of emergence profile of the implant
prosthetic component, anatomical healer design protocol
- Choice of prosthetic component and material selection accounting the biologic response of
subgingival portion of the peri-implant soft tissue
- Prosthetic guided tissue healing
- Soft tissue management around the implants from the prosthetic perspective to achieve optimal
gingival profile with favourable quantity and quality of peri-implant soft tissues
- Anatomical healer and how to manage with peri-implant soft tissue
- Connective tissue grafts and soft tissue augmentation around the implants
- Clinical meaning of quality of peri-implant soft tissue, keratinised mucosa
- Guided bone regeneration, socket preservation

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