Suturing | How, What, When and Why

Starts 26.Mai.2023
09:00 GMT+1:00

Ends 27.Mai.2023
18:00 GMT+1:00

Romania, Bucharest

Marriott Courtyard



1 module
2 days

Event Details

Part of the Current Concepts in American Dentistry program, validated by New York University - College of Dentistry

Surgical procedures are an integral part of every dental practice. Dentists perform procedures such as extractions, periodontal surgery and implant placement that often require suturing skills. However, some clinicians may experience challenges such as premature suture loosing, flap opening and tearing, bent needles, and inability to stabilize flaps. Improper suturing can lead to complications and even treatment failures.

Dr. Chong will demonstrate the how, what, when and why of suturing for specific clinical procedures through a user-friendly discussion on materials, needles and technique. Principles of correct suturing, including concepts of suture mechanics, will be reviewed to enable participants to achieve stable knots and immobile flaps. The course is a combination of lecture and hands-on workshop focused on developing precise methods and techniques for optimal outcome. 

Learning Objectives


  • Review how tissues react to dental surgical procedures and suture materials
  • Review the principles of suturing
  • Identify the criteria to select the best suture materials for your patients
  • Practice common and advanced suturing techniques 
  • This intensive suture exercise will allow participants to understand the important principles of suturing and be able to apply it when treating patients.

Key Facts

  • Basic principles of suturing
  • Suturing safety precautions
  • Suture mechanics
  • How to choose suture material and when to use it
  • Needle types and their use 
  • Interrupted vs. continuous suturing
  • Coronal vs. apical repositioning sutures
  • The most adequate suturing techniques according to situations
  • Suturing for exodontia, bone grafting and implants
  • Suturing for deep primary eversion closure
  • How to deal with suture challenges and complications

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