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DL Credits: 240 03:00 hours
The non-surgical approach has proven to be quite effective in case of mucositis, combining adequate home care with a...
DL Credits: 160 01:44 hours
To achieve natural appearence is the main goal when restoring implants in the aesthetic area.
DL Credits: 200 02:04 hours
This presentation will provide a clinical update on minimally invasive approaches for Esthetic Implant Site Development.
DL Credits: 300 02:44 hours
The recession of the buccal soft tissue margin is a frequent complication of well integrated dental implants
DL Credits: 250 02:28 hours
This presentation will de-mystify some basic restorative and implant decisions that we make everyday.
DL Credits: 120 01:22 hours
Maxillary sinus surgery has always been the subject of discussion among advocates of the most traumatic technique th...
DL Credits: 1800 21:00 hours
Never before have these excellent mentors participated in an advanced implantology online program, all together
DL Credits: 2100 25:00 hours
You will immediately gain prestige, competitive advantage and knowledge for more advanced, safe and valuable therapies.

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