90 Seconds to 90% Case Acceptance

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This course is not only a learning experience but a practice-changing philosophy that will empower dental professionals to excel in patient care and practice growth.

"90 Seconds to 90% Case Acceptance" is a transformative online course designed by Dr. Michael Sonick, a globally celebrated speaker and the author of "Treating People not Patients."

This course illuminates the art and science behind effective patient communication, emphasizing the crucial moments that lead to high case acceptance rates in dental practices. Through a compelling combination of psychological insights and practical strategies, Dr. Sonick delves into the nuanced dynamics of patient-practitioner interactions.

Participants will learn to harness the power of empathy, trust-building, and value articulation within the pivotal first 90 seconds of patient engagement.

This program promises to equip dental professionals with the tools necessary to revolutionize their approach to case presentations, enabling them to achieve a remarkable 90% case acceptance rate. By transcending traditional transactional models and fostering genuine connections, practitioners will not only see a surge in their practice's success but also in their patients' satisfaction and oral health outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the Psychology of Decision-Making: Gain insights into the cognitive processes patients undergo when making decisions about their dental health, and learn how to influence these decisions positively.

  2. Master the First 90 Seconds: Learn the critical importance of the initial 90 seconds of interaction with a patient and develop the skills to make this time count towards case acceptance.

  3. Enhance Communication Skills: Cultivate advanced communication techniques that resonate with patients, fostering a deeper understanding and a compelling case for acceptance.

  4. Build Trust Rapidly: Acquire strategies to quickly establish trust and rapport with patients, which is essential for a successful case presentation and acceptance.

  5. Present Treatment Plans Effectively: Discover how to present treatment plans in a way that emphasizes their value and relevance to the patient's needs and desires.

  6. Overcome Objections: Equip yourself with the tools to address and alleviate common patient objections through empathy and evidence-based benefits.

  7. Implement Practice-Wide Strategies: Learn how to integrate these techniques into your practice’s standard operating procedures to consistently achieve high case acceptance rates.

  8. Measure and Analyze Performance: Understand the methods for tracking case acceptance rates and use this data to refine your approach and improve outcomes.

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