Advanced Implantology Masterclass

DL Credits

21:00 hours

639 EUR


Course Details

Never before have these excellent mentors participated in an advanced implantology online program, all together.

21 hours Course

8 world class Speakers

8 Modules with Topics that Truly Metter 

Participation in this event will be validated by a Certificate issued by the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies – I.A.D.S. Boston, USA.

Don’t miss this extraordinary Masterclass at a private price offer!


The course contains: 

Dr. Alvize Cenzi - Prosthetic Planning To Obtain Natural Esthetics On Implants

Dr. Dean Vafiadis - Hot Topics In Implants

Prof. Massimo Simion - Aesthetic in Implant Restoration

Dr. Jerry Lin & Dr. David Kim - Soft Tissue Augmentation Around Teeth and Dental Implants

Dr. Marco Ronda - Vertical Ridge Construction

Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli & Dr. Carlo Monaco - Prosthetic Enhancement of Surgically Augmented Soft Tissue around Dental Implants

Prof. Giorgio Carusi - Crestal Approach In Sinus Elevation - 20 Years Of Researches

Dr. Marc Nevins - Advances For Esthetic Dental Implants: Minimally Invasive Techniques With Biologics (RhPDGF-BB)

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