Aesthetic Tips and Tricks

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01:28 hours

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The application of a tried and tested system, experimented for 40 years, represents, especially for complex rehabilitations, an indispensable means of achieving optimal final results, from the esthetic as well as biological and functional viewpoints.

Look here the 20 short videos with the most important touch points and the simplest tricks to get the best aesthetic result. Click HERE to see the topics

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn a simple and clear action plan to substantially improve the aesthetics success.
2. Learn the necessary steps for a natural flow in obtaining an aesthetic result
3. Learn innovative operative protocols with minimally invasive prosthetic procedures (MIPP) for a long-lasting esthetic result.


  • 20 Episodes
  • 1.28 hours of easy learning
  • More than 900 users around the world

Key Facts:

  • This course is the Dental Leaders Best Seller in 4 countries.
  • Very clear, very detailed, very efficient
  • Easy to understand spoken English 
  • Detailed explanations
  • Bonus - Free access to the Dental Leaders Summit | Aesthetic Focus Day
  • Only now at the ridiculous price of an average obturation
  • Only $5.99 to renew your access for the following years...

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