Flaps & Resective Surgery

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06:59 hours

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The message I want to give you with this Course is that Periodontal Treatment and Surgery does not mean taking a blade and opening a flap.

We need to keep several parameters in mind: the probing depth, the type of bone resorption, the height and thickness of keratinized tissues and above all the biological  results of our treatment.

This will make us understand what we need to do and we should not do.

This is why will begin by evaluating the design of the flap based on thickness, distinguishing between a buccal, palatal or lingual flap and  on the position we will give to our flaps (at the original level, displaced apically or moved coronally).

Then we can evaluate treatment plans together in different situations of periodontal disease

Learning Objectives:

Gingival Surgery : curettage / gengivectomy

Osseous resective surgery: up-dated clinical applications

Flap Surgery

Osseous resective surgery in anterior maxillary sextant

Osseous resective surgery on the posterior maxillary sextant

Periodontal tissue responsive to orthodontic displacement of the teeth

Osseous resective surgery on mandibular arch

Restorative surgery - crown lengthening 


8 videos with theory and interventions 

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