Long-Term Definitive Periodontal and Endodontic Treatment: Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success

DL Credits

04:00 hours

99 USD

29 USD

Course Details

All dental decisions must be predicated on preserving and improving the esthetic, phonetic, and a functional dentition as perceived by both the therapist and the patient. Although it is impossible to circumvent the modifiers of physical health, patient behavior, financial capabilities, and performance variability as they pertain to treatment modalities, there must be an endpoint goal of periodontal and endodontic therapy for patients with chronic adult periodontitis.

Learning Objectives:

To predict the final esthetic outcome before treatment.

To determine when an immediate implant is efficacious.

To understand hard and soft tissue limitations and solutions.

To determine the endodontic success rather than an implant.

Key Facts:

 4 hours course with the latest topics of Prof. Myron Nevins and Dr. Richard I. Herman

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