Mucogingival Surgery

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06:07 hours

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Mucogingival therapy responds fully to an increasingly pressing aesthetic demand, both in dental element and in perio-prosthetic-implant cases.

The key clinical parameter for soft tissue evaluation is the absolute absence of inflammation and the complete healing of any pre-existing injury following natural teeth extraction or different traumatic events.

Mucogingival Plastic Surgery and Soft Tissue Reconstructive Techniques require surgical skill and new technology expertise, including innovative materials.

A correct diagnosis is therefore crucial followed by adequate surgical and technique selection.

The use of heterologous matrices offers new therapeutic possibilities, and their indications will be also disclosed.

The flap designs and suturing techniques are described step by step using tutorial videos and schematic drawings.

Learning Objectives:

The modern technique of the gingival graft

Muco-gingival surgery to augment the keratinized tissue in perio & implant

The modified envelope technique by epitelial -connective graft

Muco-gingival surgery for root & implant exposed thread coverage

The treatment of the not carious lesions of the root with gingival tissue recession

Muco-gingival surgery for edentulous ridge augmentation

Soft tissue palatal harvesting techniques 


7 lectures with case presentations 

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