Orthodontic and Periodontic Approach to the Management of Dental Alveolar Trauma

DL Credits

02:16 hours

89 USD


Learning Objectives:

Learn the effects of trauma on orthodontic treatment.

How to provide the best possible outcoms with a team approach.

Understand treatment outcomes for specific injuries.

Long-term follow-up and problems encountered in a lifetime.

Utilization of the website Dental Trauma Guide.


The treatment of dental alveolar trauma should be a multidisciplinary discussion.
Early mixed-dentition injuries ranging from simple displacements to multiple advanced intrusions combined with partial to total avulsions will be described in detail, with special emphasis on the role of orthodontist and periodontist.

Similar injuries in the adult dentition will be differentiated. The timing of guided bone regeneration and implant placement, combined with exquisite soft-tissue management, will be demonstrated on long-term follow-up cases displaying external root resorption and/or ankylosis. Participants will be enlightened by the outstanding results achievable when the focus is always from a multidisciplinary approach in the esthetic zone.

Key Facts:

2.5 hours course with the latest excelent topic of Dr. Roger Wise

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