Regenerative Techniques

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Early interception and surgical treatment of periodontal bone defects is a crucial element that can improve the prognosis of the dental element.

Based on the clinical and radiographic evaluation, it is important to provide an accurate diagnosis of periodontal bone lesions in order to decide the different approaches and the appropriate regenerative materials.

The different therapeutic solutions as well as the surgical sequence of the GTR technique to regenerate the bone lesion will be described first and then performed by the participants  with a ‘‘step by step’’ approach.

A connective tissue graft  will be harvested and used as an alternative to the resorbable membrane.  Innovative materials will also be presented for therapeutic use as options to autogenous bone.


Learning Objectives:

Classification of the bone defects

G.T.R. - basic concepts, rationale and its evolution over the years

Periodontal gore-tex material for GBR


Papilla preservation techniques & GTR in the anterior maxillary sextant

Novel regenerative approaches

To save or to extract from my 35+ years of clinical experience


7 lectures with case presentations

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