Soft Tissue Augmentation Around Teeth and Dental Implants

DL Credits

02:57 hours

99 EUR

39 EUR

Course Details

Soft tissue management has long been an important part in implant dentistry.

It is not only the quantity, but also the quality of the soft tissue around implants that will lead to the long-term stability and success.

This presentation will begin with the foundation of soft tissue healing and further lead to the principles of soft tissue surgeries. The clinical applications of soft tissue augmentation in implant dentistry will be reviewed. A variety of surgical techniques will be introduced to treat different types of soft tissue defects. Concepts and techniques for preventive soft tissue management are also incorporated into this lecture. This presentation will focus on clinical decision-making and surgical techniques by which comprehensive guidelines for soft tissue management can be established

Learning Objectives:

To understand the nature of oral soft tissue healing or soft tissue dehiscence coverage around implants.

To learn the principles of soft tissue management.

To apply soft tissue augmentation in implant dentistry.

To treat soft tissue defects with adequate clinical procedures.

To incorporate soft tissue considerations into implant therapy.

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