Surgical and Non-Surgical Laser Applications in Periodontology

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02:28 hours

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In recent years, various technologies have been introduced in the dental market that aim to improve the treatment and maintenance of teeth, dental implants and other tissues of the oral cavity. One of these tools is laser technology.
It is necessary that dentists who wish to offer this technology within their daily clinical practices, know which the fundamental bases of the laser are, the safety rules of use, the indications of each wavelength and the protocols of use for each treatment.

Learning Objectives:

Learn what a laser is and what are the clinical benefits of using this technology.

Learn the basic operating rules for laser units and the safety rules for use for patients and operators.

Learn the indications for treatment of the lasers most frequently used in dentistry: diode and erbium family.

Laser of choice in Periodontology for each surgical and non-surgical treatment indication.

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