Prof. Romanos Georgios E.

As the number of implants that have been placed worldwide increases and as the number of years 

implants have been in place increases, the incidence and prevalence of inflammatory peri-implant disease 

has been rising. Because of this, it’s imperative all practitioners have an understanding of the factors involved in the initiation of peri-implant disease, are able to diagnose the problem in its incipiency, and can then take the proper steps to arrest its progression. 

At the end of this presentation, the participant will: 

1) have an understanding of the etiology, microbiology and histopathology of peri-implant disease, and its progression from mucositis to peri-implantitis. 

2) understand which instruments and chemical agents are best suited to debride, detoxify and decontaminate an affected implant. 

3) understand the indications for non-surgical and surgical therapy, and the specific implant surgical techniques utilized to optimize the results of treatment. 

4) know how to establish an evidenced based in office and at home theraputic regimen for the early recognition and diagnosis of peri-implant disease as well institute Cumulative Interceptive Supportive Therapy (CIST) to stop mucositis before it progresses to peri-implantitis. 


Professor of Periodontology and Director of Laser Education at Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine. Founder of the Laboratory for Periodontal-, Implant- and Phototherapy (LA-PIP) at the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine. Professor (Prof. Dr. med. dent.) of Oral Surgery/Implant Dentistry in Frankfurt/Germany; Fully trained in Periodontics (Berlin and Rochester, NY), Prosthodontics (Freiburg) and Oral Surgery (Frankfurt) in Germany; Board Certified in Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry in Germany; Diplomate by the American Board of Periodontology; Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at Stony Brook University (2012-2014); Professor of Clinical Dentistry at the Univ. of Rochester/NY (2007-2012); Professor and Director of Laser Sciences at NYU (2004-2007); Active researcher in Periodontology and Laser dentistry; Fellow of the American Association for Dental 

Research, the Academy of Osseointegration, Int. College of Dentists, ICOI, ITI Foundation, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Great of NY Academy 

of Prosthodontics, Int. Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics. Editorial Board Membership in various peer-reviewed journals; more than 400 publications, 5 books; over 700 presentations worldwide; International scientific collaborations and teaching activities globally; lecturer in more than 50 countries; Past President of the Implantology Research Group of the Int. Association for Dental Research; Award Recipient for best Laser Research (T.H. Maiman) by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. 

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