Dental Leaders Implantology Masterclass at New York University

Starts 25.Sep.2023
09:00 GMT-4:00

Ends 28.Sep.2023
16:00 GMT-4:00

United States, New York City




6 modules
24 days

Event Details

Dental Leaders is an exclusive partner of New York University - College of Dentistry, Linhart Countinued Dental Education Program, for several countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As a result, we can create our own classes within the most successful international postgraduate continuing education program of this prestigious university, Current Concepts in American Dentistry (CCAD).

Six (6) sessions are required of which four (4) sessions must be attended at New York University College of Dentistry in New York City. The two (2) additional sessions will be completed at Dental Leaders Programs. Participants are encouraged to complete the program in a timely fashion recommended not to exceed two (2) years.

Enjoy a memorable learning experience in an dinamic environment designed to change your professional mindset forever. Be part of a leadership community in the dental industry designed to train a new generation of dentists who want to achieve clinical excellence.

See Dentails:

Learning Objectives

1. You will learn new augmentation and insertion techniques
2. You will validate through the clinical experience of the lecturers, techniques that you already knew.
3. You will gain the courage to implement them in daily practice

Key Facts

1. Once you finish this program, you enter directly into the Dental Leaders Scientific Board as an active member.

2. Support for USA VISA applicants can be provided on request.

3. Recommended hotels near NYU College of Dentistry will be provided.


📌 Over 35 Educators from the international community who are the among the most distinguished names in Implantology & Aesthetic

📌 31 participating countries

📌 16 days @NYU in 4 modules

📌 4 days Dental Leaders Summit


This international dental education program is specifically designed to meet the educational needs of dental groups to “learn from the experts”. Faculty is carefully selected from throughout the world for their teaching and communication skills, clinical and/or research expertise and experience. Trough informative and stimulating lectures, interactive group discussions, treatment planning sessions, “live” patient demonstrations, participant written reports and clinical case requirements, this practical and innovative learning approach will expand your horizons and increase your confidence in pursuing clinical excellence.

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