From Periodontal Regeneration to Tooth Extraction for Periodontal Reason. The Nightmare of Peri-Implant Papilla

Starts 8.Iul.2024
09:00 GMT+1:00

Ends 10.Iul.2024
15:00 GMT+1:00

Italy, Bologna

Zucchelli Institute



2 modules
3 days

Event Details

This course is an advanced one, targeting dentists with clinical experience in oral surgery, periodontology and implantology.

Why This Course Stands Out

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli, a revered figure in periodontology, known for his expertise in micro surgical techniques.
  • Comprehensive Learning: The 2-day course offers a blend of theoretical instruction, live demonstrations, clinical case studies, and engaging debates.
  • Hands-On Experience: Opt for the 3-day course and benefit from four intensive hands-on sessions, providing practical experience on the final day.
  • Immediate Application: The skills and techniques acquired in this course can be immediately applied to your practice, offering a rapid return on investment through enhanced patient care and expanded treatment options.

This course propels participants to a new level of clinical thinking, representing an important differentiating factor in the medical community, but especially in your patient demographic.
It is the course with the highest level of re-participation in the Dental Leaders community.
Until today, dentists from Germany, Romania, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Rep. Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Austria, France, Korea, Tunisia participated in the Dental Leaders international classes at Zucchelli’s Institute in Bologna Italy.

Learning Objectives

> Which are the prognostic factors for the success of the regenerative therapy?
> Which are the criteria to determine whether to maintain a tooth with an infrabony defect or extract it?
> How to reconstruct the perimplant papilla once it has been lost before or after tooth/ teeth extraction?


The outcomes of the regenerative therapy in the estheticarea are not only the resolution of the intrabony defect but also the improvement of soft tissue esthetic appearance.
The proposed procedure combining a papilla preservation technique with a connective tissue graft below the coronally advanced flap to act as the buccal “soft tissue wall” of the intrabony defect treated with amelogenin increase the blood clot stability in order to obtain periodontal regeneration and improve the esthetic result.
Soft tissue prognostic factor influencing the selection criteria for regenerative therapy or tooth extraction will be discussed
Healing after tooth extraction for periodontal reason is accompanied by substantial resorption of the alveolar ridge. Such changes are of particular relevance in the esthetic
zone because they make the replacement of teeth and the reconstruction of dento–facial harmony challenging. A soft tissue approach for implant placement in esthetic area  of tooth extracted for periodontal disease will be described in details. The connective tissue platform is an advanced mucogingival techniques which allows to augment both the apical-coronal and buccal-lingual of single and multiple edentulous sites.
This techniques will be presented step by step to solve challenging cases in the implant rehabilitation in the aesthetic area especially in the case of perimplant papilla reconstruction.

The Lectures, Live OP and workshops will take place at the Zucchelli Institute, Bologna, Italy

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