Peri-implant Diseases: Differentiated Laser-assisted Nonsurgical Protocols

Avaiblable Seats: 12

Starts 27.Mai.2024
09:00 GMT+2:00

Ends 28.Mai.2024
17:00 GMT+2:00

Romania, Bucharest

Dental Leaders Academy Educenter



1 module
2 days

Event Details

When pondering whether to opt for surgical interventions, it's crucial to consider the remarkable successes achieved with non-surgical methods. This discussion will delve into various clinical cases with extended follow-ups to illustrate when non-surgical options are preferable.

We'll explore the nuances of periodontal patient management and strategies, highlighting the benefits of tailored protocols and scheduling in clinical settings. Emphasis will be placed on advanced subgingival debridement techniques, cutting-edge technologies, laser-assisted non-surgical periodontal therapy, and innovative materials that have demonstrated significant success in implant surface decontamination.

We'll also examine groundbreaking materials for multi-antimicrobial strategies and establish specific protocols for managing mucositis and peri-implantitis. The non-surgical route, especially for mucositis, has shown impressive results when combined with meticulous home care and mechanical instrumentation, occasionally extending the life of severely compromised implants.

Furthermore, for patients unable to undergo surgery, it's vital for dental professionals to assess the feasibility of non-surgical methods to attain gratifying long-term outcomes.

We'll present clinical case studies to showcase the impact of patient home care on treatment management and results, affirming the effectiveness and stability of non-surgical periodontal treatments. While addressing peri-implant diseases is feasible, it's underscored that prevention remains the paramount strategy.

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