Avaiblable Seats: 200

Starts 9.Feb.2024
09:30 GMT+2:00

Ends 10.Feb.2024
17:00 GMT+2:00

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Waldorf - Astoria Conference Center



1 module

Event Details

The 2 Day Dental Leaders Summit is an esteemed annual event, renowned for gathering an exclusive circle of speakers, deeply engaged community members, and an elite group of future collaborators in the realm of continuing dental education.

This prestigious meeting is intentionally limited to fewer than 200 participants, fostering a close-knit and impactful environment for all attendees.

Taking place in some of the most luxurious venues worldwide, the Summit is not just a meeting but a transformative experience. It offers a unique convergence of learning, networking, and innovation, all geared towards enhancing daily clinical practice in the dental field.

This event stands out for its ability to bring together leading minds in dental education, offering an unparalleled opportunity to exchange ideas, build strategic partnerships, and gain insights that directly influence and enrich the participants' professional journey in dentistry.

Key Facts


  • Academic Partnership with NYU College of Dentistry, Linhart CDE Program:

    • Proudly partnered with the New York University - College of Dentistry, Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program.
    • Summit certificates endorsed and validated by this esteemed academic institution, adding significant value to your professional credentials.
    • 12 EMC hours
  • 12 Renowned Speakers:

    • Features 12 esteemed speakers presenting contemporary and highly relevant topics in the daily clinical experience.
  • Complimentary Diamond Membership for Participants:

    • All attendees receive an instant free Diamond Membership, which includes:
      • Access to 30+ online courses.
      • With more than 85 hours of video content.
      • Insights from 28 world-class speakers.
      • One year of Membership access with all others benefits, valued at $700+.
  • Innovative Workshops and Hands-On Sessions:

    • Engage in practical workshops and hands-on experiences, structured within a unique and innovative framework.
  • Prestigious Venue - Waldorf Astoria:

    • Hosted at the Waldorf Astoria, a top-tier venue in the Hilton brand portfolio, known for its luxury and elegance.
  • Gourmet Lunches and Networking Opportunities:

    • Enjoy amazing culinary experiences coupled with excellent opportunities for networking with peers and industry leaders.
  • Mentoring Stations for Clinical Case Discussions:

    • Multiple mentoring stations available for in-depth debates and discussions on various clinical cases.
  • Exclusive Evening Events:

    • Gala Dinner: An elegant gala dinner on the first evening, offering a perfect blend of fine dining and social interaction.
    • Mega Yacht Party: A spectacular yacht party on the second evening, promising an unforgettable experience with entertainment and networking on the waves.
  • Aligned with AEEDC 2024:

    • The Summit dates are strategically aligned with AEEDC 2024 in Dubai, allowing attendees to participate in both events with a single trip.
    • Maximize your professional learning and networking opportunities by attending two premier dental events consecutively in the stunning city of Dubai.

These key points highlight the Summit's exceptional offerings, combining educational excellence with luxury and professional networking opportunities.

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