Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation Challenges

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Learn from Professor Massimo Simion, an expert in bone regeneration, as he guides you through the practical steps of vertical and horizontal augmentation in implant dentistry.

Bone augmentation is a cornerstone of successful dental implants. This course simplifies the complex process of vertical and horizontal bone growth, equipping dental professionals with the techniques they need for better patient outcomes.

This course is designed for dental implant specialists, gum specialists, oral surgeons, and general dentists looking to improve their skills in bone augmentation.

Why Enroll:

By joining this course, you will learn valuable skills that will make a real difference in your dental practice. Professor Simion's clear and effective teaching will help you offer better implant solutions to your patients.


Join us and enhance your expertise in bone augmentation with Professor Massimo Simion's practical guide, an essential step for any dental professional looking to excel in implantology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and apply vertical and horizontal bone growth techniques.
  • Make your dental practice stand out by using the latest bone regeneration methods.
  • Learn the science behind bone growth to use these methods with confidence.

Key Facts:

  • Clear Instructions: Straightforward, step-by-step guidance on bone augmentation procedures.

  • Visual Learning: High-quality images and videos make complex ideas easy to understand and remember.

  • Patient Focus: Learn how to match your work with patients' health and appearance goals, leading to happier patients.

  • Confidence Building: Gain the knowledge and assurance to perform complex procedures through Professor Simion's expert insights.

  • Evidence-Based: All techniques are backed by research and proven to work in real-life dental practices.

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