Prosthetic Planning to Obtain Natural Esthetics on Implants

DL Credits

01:44 hours

75 EUR


Learning Objectives:

Know the ideal emergence profile for implant restorations in the aesthetic area

Learn how to determine implant position starting from the restoration’s profile

Choose the right ridge preservation protocol when extracting a tooth in aesthetic are

Know the different options for bone and soft tissue regeneration


To achieve natural appearence is the main goal when restoring implants in the aesthetic area.

Therefore, a precise and proper prosthetic and surgical planning is required. 

New technologies like Intraoral scanning and computer guided surgery can be very helpful and easy to use.

Along this presentation, a key aspect like the prosthetic emergence profile, will be discussed and some useful surgical and prosthetic tips about how to reach predictable results in the management of the soft tissues will be explained.

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