Surgically Augmented Soft Tissue around Dental Implants

DL Credits

02:45 hours

115 EUR


Course Details

The replacement of teeth in esthetic area with dental implants is among the most challenging treatments for the dental teams.

In the last few years the soft tissue augmentation combined with the digital techologies are changing the approach of the implant positionig, prosthetic components and dental materials to enhance the healthy and functional aspects indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

The lecture will highlight the benefits of the soft tissue augmentation and answer on many questions regarding the timing and modality of implant placement, the prosthetic management of the peri-implant as well as the clinical protocols for immediate or delayed temporization, which will serves to sculpt and maintain the soft tissues contours around the implant restorations in single vs multiple site replacement.

Moreover, several clinical cases will be presented to show the surgical and digital/prosthetic approach to treat malpositioned dental implants discussing a modern criteria to remove or manteined an implant in esthetic zone.

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