Surgically Augmented Soft Tissue around Dental Implants

DL Credits

02:45 hours

115 EUR


Course Details

This course is a unique opportunity for dental professionals to refine their skills in soft tissue management around dental implants, learning from some of the leading experts in the field.

"Surgically Augmented Soft Tissue around Dental Implants" is an advanced online course designed for dental professionals, focusing on the critical aspect of soft tissue management in implant dentistry.

Led by the esteemed Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli and Dr. Carlo Monaco, this course offers an in-depth exploration of surgical techniques and principles for enhancing soft tissue aesthetics and health around dental implants.

The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, emphasizing the latest research and innovations in periodontal plastic surgery and implantology.

Through detailed video demonstrations and case studies, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of soft tissue augmentation procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes for their implant treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand Soft Tissue Anatomy and Biology: Grasp the fundamental concepts of soft tissue anatomy and biology around dental implants.

  2. Diagnose Soft Tissue Deficiencies: Develop skills to accurately diagnose and assess soft tissue deficiencies around dental implants.

  3. Master Surgical Techniques: Learn various advanced surgical techniques for soft tissue augmentation, including grafting and suturing methods.

  4. Integrate Aesthetic Considerations: Apply aesthetic principles to achieve natural-looking and harmonious results in soft tissue around implants.

  5. Manage Complications: Identify and manage potential complications associated with soft tissue augmentation procedures.

  6. Incorporate Evidence-Based Practices: Utilize current evidence-based methodologies for planning and executing soft tissue augmentation.

  7. Enhance Patient Outcomes: Improve overall patient outcomes with a focus on long-term soft tissue stability and aesthetics.

Key Facts:

  • Course Title: Surgically Augmented Soft Tissue around Dental Implants
  • Instructors: Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli and Dr. Carlo Monaco, renowned experts in periodontology and implantology.
  • Format: Online, featuring lectures and case study reviews.
  • Duration: 165 min
  • Target Audience: Periodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and general dentists with interest in implant surgery.
  • CE Dental Leaders Credits: 300
  • Key Topics: Soft tissue anatomy, augmentation techniques, aesthetic considerations in implantology, management of complications, and case documentation.

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