Vertical Ridge Construction

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02:10 hours

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Mastering Vertical Augmentation with Prof. Marco Ronda

The dynamic field of dental implantology is continually advancing, with vertical ridge construction at the forefront of these developments.

Prof. Marco Ronda, an acclaimed international mentor in vertical augmentation, presents an in-depth online course designed to provide dental professionals with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in vertical ridge augmentation.

This course delves into the complex anatomical considerations, innovative surgical techniques, and the latest in biomaterials used to optimize vertical bone growth and ensure successful dental implant outcomes.

Participants will be engaged through a combination of theoretical foundations, step-by-step procedural guidance, case studies, and interactive discussions, all facilitated by Prof. Ronda's extensive expertise and passion for mentorship in implant dentistry.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the Anatomical and Biological Foundations: Grasp the essential anatomy of the alveolar bone, the biological principles behind bone regeneration, and the factors influencing vertical bone growth.

  2. Assess Patient Eligibility: Identify appropriate candidates for vertical ridge augmentation through comprehensive patient evaluation, including risk assessment and analysis of bone deficit.

  3. Plan Surgical Procedures: Develop tailored treatment plans that include choice of technique and biomaterials, taking into account patient-specific needs and expected clinical outcomes.

  4. Master Surgical Techniques: Gain proficiency in advanced surgical procedures for vertical ridge augmentation, including but not limited to block grafts, guided bone regeneration (GBR), and distraction osteogenesis.

  5. Select and Utilize Biomaterials: Understand the properties and clinical applications of various biomaterials used in vertical augmentation, and make informed choices on their use in different clinical scenarios.

  6. Manage Complications: Learn strategies for the prevention, identification, and management of intraoperative and postoperative complications associated with vertical ridge augmentation.

  7. Achieve Aesthetic and Functional Results: Incorporate aesthetic considerations into surgical planning to achieve functional and visually pleasing outcomes that satisfy patient expectations.

  8. Stay Current with Trends and Research: Engage with the latest research findings, technological advancements, and trends in vertical ridge augmentation to maintain cutting-edge practice in implant dentistry.


This online course is structured to cater to both beginners and experienced practitioners, offering valuable insights that will broaden the participant's scope of practice and enhance their expertise in the art and science of vertical ridge construction.

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