Ortho-Perio Synergies

Starts 10.Ian.2022
09:00 GMT

Ends 11.Ian.2022
18:00 GMT

Romania, Bucharest

Nicolaus Edu-Center



1 module
2 days



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Event Details

Appropriate orthodontic diagnosis and careful evaluation of the periodontal soft and hard tissues play an extremely crucial role to satisfy an increasingly demanding aesthetic requirements, both in case of natural dentition and orthodontic treatments in adults. These orthodontic- periodontal synergies allow for optimal aesthetics.

 It is important that orthodontic treatment is associated with a careful and accurate periodontal evaluation,  to ensure long-term success of the treatment provided and to prevent complications and the need for future muco-gingival surgery to address the undesirable outcomes of an orthodontic  therapy “just to  straighten teeth”.

An  Orthodontic / Periodontal methodology is therefore proposed as an essential "Modus Operandi" and clinical protocols will be described in a ‘’step by step’’ approach. 

Therefore, a tight collaboration between the orthodontist and the periodontist is recommended to learn the advantages and   treatment protocols.

Learning Objectives

Diagnose existing & incipient orthodontic-periodontal problems.

Learn new therapeutic strategies to address borderline cases.

Know how to select the most suitable surgical techniques.

Learn an orthodontic protocol to maximize the potential of cortectomies.

Ideal placement of skeletal anchorage according to the different phases of therapy

Complication management.

Key Facts

The aim of the course is to share 2 extremely clinical days with the participants:


Clinical images, videos and schematic illustrations will explain step by step the selected clinical protocols

Use of Skeletal anchorages often required in the adult orthodontic treatment will be described in details

Live surgery

Hands-on sections


Many times the orthodontist is confronted with a treatment that does not meet his expectations as whatever solution is proposed the clinical outcomes will never be his intended ideal. Indeed, in some cases extractions would be indicated but facial aesthetics would be affected, in others extractive procedures are not selected, but periodontal health and tissue stability are impaired, and finally some patients, to avoid such problems, will have to face an aggressive and more complex treatment, including sometimes orthognathic surgery. 

New technologies can speed up the orthodontic movement, reducing the treatment time without the patient's collaboration, using skeletal anchorage or even avoiding extractions, safeguarding both aesthetics and periodontal health. The result is a synergy between orthodontics and periodontics based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.

The professional orthodontist must be familiar with these techniques to offer his patients optimal solutions and excellent results.

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